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Reconnect to your life through Equine Facilitated Therapy


We are experienced mental health practitioners and experiential learning specialists who partner with horses as a way to help people coping with life’s stresses and challenges to their mental health.

Our goal is to help people learn new ways to cope with past trauma and heal old wounds, develop their self-awareness, improve their self-esteem, and build new relationships with trust and communication. 

Equine assisted therapy is where you can deal with your mental health issues in a safe environment. Horses have the ability sense emotions and feelings so are able to offer valuable feedback and information to clients.

The Healing Power of Horses

Lin Haag, Shelley Walkerley, and Emma Walkerley are experienced equestrians who understand the restorative effect of time spent with horses . The horses' heightened sensory abilities make them particularly attuned to human energy and emotion and they can sense when we are genuinely asking for help. They are willing to guide and support us in the healing and growth process.  

The FEEL® (Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning) approach cultivates a reconnection of your body and soul. Specially designed exercises allow horses to assist in your therapy through the mirroring of your emotions and physical responses, helping you to build authentic relationships, reduce anxiety, enhance your self-confidence, and improve the quality of your life. 

All sessions are done on the ground and require no previous experience with horses, making equine facilitated therapy (EFT) accessible to everyone.



Our Services

Working with horses fosters transformation at a deep level.  You’ll develop a bond that is profound and natural, helping you to build authentic relationships, reduce anxiety, enhance your self-confidence, and improve the quality of your life. 

Equine facilitated therapy (EFT) sessions are tailored to your goals and range from counselling and mental health therapy to personal discovery, relationship building, and leadership skills. It's a short term investment that is effective on its own and can also make a valuable add-on to other forms of treatment.


Equine assisted mental health programs are a great addition to regular therapy. For those who want a truly non-judgemental feedback.


Using a mindful approach to horse/human interaction, one-on-one sessions help you better understand yourself and make changes to your life through a non-judgemental therapeutic connection.  

Equine facilitated couples therapy opens up communication. Horses are able to provide feedback without judgement in a safe environment to address a couples emotional roadblocks.


Reconnect with loved ones in a safe and supportive environment. Working together with horses will help you learn to be a partnership again.

Equine assisted learning focuses on the experiential process rather than the mere giving of information. Perfect for building teamwork, communication and problem solving.


Therapy options available for groups of people coping with shared experiences. Leadership and team building sessions for private and professional groups and family units from 3-12 people. 


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About Us


Many people in our communities struggle with their mental health at some point in their lives. The inability to engage with daily life can cause financial hardship, interfere with your relationships, and your ability to work. 

With more people looking for more holistic care options, we knew that blending our extensive healthcare experience with our love of horses made perfect sense as an innovative way to help.

We completed our EFT training through Wilfrid Laurier University and Horse Spirit Connections and launched Moondance Equine Therapy Centre in 2015.


Equine therapy programs are facilitated by licensed therapists with experience in all types of mental health and wellness. We're also experienced horse people. 

Shelley Walkerley, NP-PHC, PhD

As a nurse practitioner, I have a strong background offering mental health services to youth and adults who experience anxiety, depression, PTSD, addiction, and behavioural disorders. My training in EFT and FEEL® and my years of working with newcomers to Canada, allow me to specialize in providing benefits to those facing economic and social challenges.

Experienced equine assisted therapists are able to facilitate the intuitive nature of horses who are able to read and mirror the emotions and energy of the people around them. It can be especially effective where other methods have failed.

Lin Haag, MSW, RSW

As a registered social worker, I offer individual and group counselling for youth and adults coping with a variety of challenges to their mental health and wellbeing as well as sessions focused on personal discovery and growth. I specialize in supporting adults who are adjusting to life with disabilities or chronic health challenges through a combination of practice skills and my own lived experience of disability. I am also committed to helping caregivers of people living with health and mental health challenges helping them to better support their loved ones. Recognizing that chronic illness and disability can touch all aspects of a person’s life, my goal is to use a strengths based approach to help people rebuild a productive, pro-active, and satisfying life. After spending my life with horses, I’ve found a new partnership with them and I am pleased to offer clients the opportunity to experience the wisdom of the horse alongside the support of a counsellor.

Participants are able to  gain the horse’s trust and co-operation in navigating the obstacles which is very empowering for them.

Emma Walkerley

I'm a life-long equestrian who has been trained and certified in the Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning Model. The horse and I partner up to provide a mindfulness approach to the interaction and relationship between horse and human. Working with riders who have experienced nervousness or fear is my specialty.


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Our Location

Moondance Equine Facilitated Therapy Centre is located near Waterloo, Ontario in a scenic setting just minutes from St. Agatha.

You can email Shelley, Lin, and Emma at or call 519-578-8169.

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